Other acknowledgments

Like I said, my dad is the inspiration for this blog. He has always encouraged me to write, and at various points in my life, I have attempted to do so. But, mostly, I have avoided writing because I find it to be such hard work, and I didn’t think I had much to write about. A blog seems like a relatively painless and low-risk, maybe even fun, way to get going–finally. For several decades now my siblings and I have been listening to our dad expound in his inimitable way. We have absorbed his vocabulary and speech patterns and can recite them pretty much verbatim by now, especially since he has always tended to repeat himself. This tendency is even more pronounced now that he is almost  80 and not really acquiring new material. We have often commented that someone should start writing his stuff down, but my same old approach-avoidance toward writing has kept me from attempting it. Then my dad’s friend (and grade schoolmate of mine) John mentioned that I should read the book Shit My Dad Says by Justin Halpern because it reminded him of my dad and his unique discourse. I had heard of that book, but figured it was just going to be sensationalist drivel because of the title. Nonetheless, the writing bug had been buzzing pretty loudly in my ear, so I gave it a try, seeking inspiration. And, it worked. Although, I must say, my dad’s shit is a lot better than Halpern’s. Showing that is my challenge.


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