“Come the Revolution…”

The Revolution is one of Dad’s favorite themes, and he’s been longing for it for my whole life and probably his, too. He tends to end every rant about what’s wrong with this country, with the rather hopeful, if bellicose refrain, “Come the Revolution…” You can’t just chalk it up to an old man’s discontent with new-fangled ways, the youth of America, etc. In Dad’s mind, we’ve needed a revolution for a long time, but I’m not sure exactly since when. Since the New Deal? His politics are decidedly conservative and his moral compass points to individual responsibility, love of family, hard work, a general tolerance toward others as long as they adhere to the same set of values and don’t cause problems for anyone other than themselves. He fancies himself a working stiff and has a great empathy for the common man, although he himself was college-educated and had a successful private dental practice for 35 years. So, this mythical Revolution that Dad refers to, I guess, would return us all to the halcyon days of the past when the American Dream of hard work leading to just rewards, with no help or interference from the government or the social engineers, was again possible for all who were willing to get up and go to work every morning and take care of their personal responsibilities. Dad worries that there aren’t enough jobs for those who aren’t endowed with the smarts or the opportunity to go to college, not enough mill jobs that pay wages that folks can live on. That may not sound like your stereotypical conservative, but Dad is not a stereotype of any kind. He’s way too smart for that. And, he is a great humanitarian in his own way. He worries that his grandchildren will suffer for the profligacy of his and my generations, that they won’t enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities that we have enjoyed. He worries that there will, indeed, come a revolution that will pit the social classes against each other and cause blood to run in the streets. Given the current state of politics and leadership in this country, he might be right.


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