Whadya know?

The answer to this question is, “I know it takes a big dog to weigh a ton.” This is usually met by a quizzical look, and no one has ever come up with a good retort. I would love to learn one.


2 thoughts on “Whadya know?

  1. Awesome account of years of lecture, yet so much more to cover. This is accurate and well written. I laughed out loud, a few times. Cover the “son-in-law”, always a favorite of mine. Probably because I have contributed a couple of them? Keep it up sista!

  2. I’ve heard Dad refer to sausages or brats as “sons-in-law,” a fairly obvious and somewhat obscene reference, in keeping with his practice of not calling things by their common names. This is a good segue to my next post about nicknames. Stay tuned…

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