On work

I haven’t had time to post lately because of a sudden influx of work. I’m a freelancer, so when there’s work, I work. When I don’t have work, I can blog, read, knit, visit my kids and new grandson, clean the basement, etc. Anyway, thinking about work and how it interferes with so many other activities that I enjoy, but which do not pay the bills reminded me of another one of my dad’s turns-of-phrase. “Work is the curse of the drinking class.” Although Dad was a very successful professional (dentist, as I’ve said before), he never defined himself by his profession. He worked pretty hard to establish his practice, and then worked 8-5 for for about thirty years. He worked to support his large family (wife and five kids) and his own rather expensive habits and hobbies. But, his focus never seemed to be on the work as much as on the family, habits and hobbies. Work was just a means to an end.

2 thoughts on “On work

  1. When I wrote this post, I forgot to include one of Dad’s most humorous work references. He would often refer to himself and his fellow dentists as “tooth fairies.” I love that! When I was a kid, we always left our baby teeth that had fallen out under our pillows for the Tooth Fairy, who would come in the night and leave a dime in exchange for the tooth. One time I was carrying the tooth around in my pocket during the day, and I lost it while playing in the neighbor’s yard. My friend’s dad carved me a little tooth out of a piece of chalk and assured me that the Tooth Fairy would accept this substitute. When I got home and showed the chalk tooth to my dad, he clucked his tongue, pulled out his pocketknife and made a few strategic improvements to the carving. He knew damn well the Tooth Fairy wasn’t going to be fooled!

  2. Going to work, to the office, or wherever one toils is called “turning the crank on the money machine” in my family. Dad would head out the door in the morning for his “dental emporium” and say, “Gotta go turn the crank.” So, that’s what we do.

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